Waste gate

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a gate by which the superfluous water of a reservoir, or the like, is discharged.

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These engines utilize a wastegate turbocharger (designated "W") and an exhaust filter ("X").
This has led to a better growth in the adoption of VGT/VNT technology in gasoline engines as compared to the conventional economic wastegate technology.
There have also been some changes under the bonnet including a new turbo, stainless steel twin wastegate manifold and a titanium exhaust.
It loves to rev and in doing so sounds every inch the sports-car, with a slight hissing from the Turbo's wastegate on downchanges.
Turbocharger Market by Vehicle Type (Passenger Car, LCV & HCV), Fuel Type (Diesel & Gasoline), Technology (VGT/VNT, Wastegate & Twin-Turbo), & Region - Industry Trends & Forecasts to 2019
Featuring a compact design for small passenger car applications, BorgWarner s flex fuel turbocharger includes a milled compressor wheel, optimized bearing system and wastegate controlled by an electric actuator with advanced noise suppression features.
64 rear housing 46mm xs power wastegate, 800 sard injectors, sard fuel regulator, HKS 264 cams, APEXI oil cooler and relocation kit, Alloy triple core radiator and motorsport twin cooling fans, APEXI earthing kit APEXI downpipe and 4 inch exhaust system, APEXI power f.
The "Worpe 9[TM]" package includes: new GAMISPEC[TM] IO-550N Engine, TAT TN System newly configured for Electronic Engine Controls including Electronically Controlled Wastegate for Turbo Density Normalization (TDN[TM]), aka "Density Controller[TM]" and Automatic Mixture Control (GAMI's Mixture Magic[TM]), and Avidyne's R9 Avionics Package.
com/research/73rrwc/automotive) has announced the addition of the "Automotive Actuators Market by Product Type (Throttle, Power Seat, EGR, Brake, VGT, Wastegate, Grille Shutter, Intake Flap, Electrical Exhaust/Sound Flap & Thermo Module/Thermal Actuators) by Vehicle Type, by Geography - Forecast & Analysis to 2020 " report to their offering.
Plug the device into the car s diagnostic link connector port in the driver s side footwell to tap into the many aspects of the car s performance anything from throttle response characteristics or idle speed, to turbo wastegate control, to fuel curves and spark timing.