Water ballast

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Wa´ter bal´last

1.(Naut.) Water confined in specially constructed compartments in a vessel's hold, to serve as ballast.
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But they face an undisclosed time penalty after breaking into the emergency fresh water ballast in their boat.
Other ideas that have surfaced at the IMO include a requirement that shipping companies install filters or germ-killers in their ballast tanks and the installation of more efficient water ballast pumping devices in newly built ships.
in 1986 when a foreign ship discharged water ballast.
It is speculated the predators were transported from Europe in water ballast aboard empty grain freighters from the Soviet Union, and dumped into one or more of the Lakes upon arrival in the United States.
Crude oil cargo and flood water were carefully pumped from the tanker's heavily damaged number one starboard water ballast tank and the number one center cargo oil tank while dozens of response contractors worked to contain oil that had spilled into the waterway.
Load capacity and dimensions slipu allow raising of the water ballast yachts up to 12 m; ramp length 15 m;
The vessel has under deck capacities of 1287 c m of fuel, 800 c m of fresh water, 1538 c m of water ballast, 497 c m of brine and 230 c m dry bulk tanks.
Simon Meyjes, who heads the century-old marine group Australian Reef Pilots, said it appeared an environmental disaster had been averted by the crew dumping some of the Integrity s sea water ballast so it passed over Shark Reef.
A number of ships use locked-in fresh water ballast and/or flume systems, further reducing the need to either take on or discharge ballast water in port.
In the marine environment, and particularly in sea water ballast tanks, corrosion control can be challenging due to the harsh conditions to which the metals are subjected.
PPG Protective and Marine Coatings has launched antifoulings that allow for extended laid-up periods, meet the latest IMO PSPC regulations for water ballast tanks and reduce the cost of onboard maintenance.
They used a water ballast and a winch crane to support the structure.