Water bath

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Wa´ter bath`

1.A device for regulating the temperature of anything subjected to heat, by surrounding the vessel containing it with another vessel containing water which can be kept at a desired temperature; also, a vessel designed for this purpose.
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The Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner + Multi-Cooker is a plug-in, countertop appliance that makes water bath canning more convenient than ever.
Try an ice bath, which is exactly what it sounds like: adding buckets of ice to a cold water bath.
Liverpool was home to the first municipal baths, a salt water bath which was built and opened by the Corporation at St George's Pier Head in 1828.
Today it's commonly known as a method for cooking food sealed in a bag, using a water bath.
By eliminating the water bath and utilizing a sleek modular design, Distek's sensIR 3200 offers two, four or six disintegration test stations in the smallest footprint of any comparably equipped model.
Cold water immersion - This is where you get into a cold water bath after exercise.
Designed with the molecular biology lab in mind, the MyBath 4L personal water bath features easy-to-use digital controls that allow the user to quickly select and monitor temperature.
Douglas County Master Food Preservers will give a class on Saturday, July 23, on water bath and pressure canning methods of preserving foods.
Vegetables from the garden are generally low-acid foods that must be processed in a pressure canner (which works at a higher heat than a water bath canner) to prevent the growth of botulism.
High-risk steps include the transfer of tissue to the glass slides in the water bath and traditional H&E staining procedures, which rely on dipping and dunking slides into sequential staining baths.