Water battery

Wa´ter bat´ter`y

1.(Elec.) A voltaic battery in which the exciting fluid is water.
2.(Mil.) A battery nearly on a level with the water.
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Tenders are invited for Distilled Water Battery Grade For Lead Acid Battery Conforming To Is 1069-1993 Reaffirmed 2008 Characteristics:Ph 6.
H2O Multifunction Clock - Replaceable Water Battery - Time Alarm pounds 16.
These levels of expenditures are expected to increase as the Company continues the research and development of its advanced rechargeable battery, and integrates and expands its sales and marketing programs for the 9-volt primary lithium and Thin Cell(TM) batteries produced in Newark, New York, and the recently acquired high-rate lithium and sea water battery programs in Abingdon, England.