Water battery

Wa´ter bat´ter`y

1.(Elec.) A voltaic battery in which the exciting fluid is water.
2.(Mil.) A battery nearly on a level with the water.
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Tenders are invited for Mov/cprp0/rs/17vk1c005/procurement of submarine under water battery spares
Head over to Fort Totten Park in Queens for a historically frightening tour of the Water Battery Gate lead by park rangers.
To meet demands for heat, an air-to-water heat pump, hot water battery and underfloor heating are used.
H2O Multifunction Clock - Replaceable Water Battery - Time Alarm pounds 16.
7 locations including yongjin-ro, Kepco distribution line to nearby roadside water battery business
Pyeongdong industrial complex, 2 locations, Kepco distribution line, Near-roadside water battery business
Contract awarded for Wsmq 029/2017 - quotation request for the supply and delivery of one (1) electric fork lifter water battery