Water carriage

Wa´ter car´riage

1.Transportation or conveyance by water; means of transporting by water.
2.A vessel or boat.
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Therefore, if we are dealing with a road carriage, it will be carried out "loco fabrica" or ex works; if the carriage is on rails, the delivery is usually carried out at the closest the railway station; for water carriage, the delivery is carried out on the quay, alongside ship, that is FAS--free alongside ship; or by loading the goods on the board of the ship, that is FOB--free on board (Piperea, 2013: 30).
Constructed from a composite known as EcoPolyFire, a compound unique to Iturri, the manufacturer claims the tender is: "lighter than regular machines allowing for greater water carriage, 11,900 litres in total, and improved acceleration.
Victorian attitudes, and public works, started an irreversible move towards disposal by water carriage.
The project aims to replace and enhance the capability currently provided by the in-service Water Purification Unit (WPU) variants and the Water Carriage Pack (WCP).
The aim is to remove the last relevant bottleneck along the Elbe-Havel Canal, hence to enable unrestricted passing of traffic with large motor freight vessels as well as water carriages with double stacked container loads.