Water color

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Wa´ter col`or

1.(Paint.) A color ground with water and gum or other glutinous medium; a color the vehicle of which is water; - so called in distinction from oil color.
2.A picture painted with such colors.
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It contained a sketch in water colors of the village and the woods, and Francine had looked at the view itself with indifference--the picture of the view interested her.
He was a little worn, in spite of his youth, but he was tall and agreeable, had a winning way of taking a kind and soothing view of the misfortunes of others, could tell a story well, liked music and could play and sing a little, loved the arts of design and could sketch a little in water colors, read every magazine from London to Paris that criticised pictures, had travelled a little, fished a little, shot a little, botanized a little, wandered restlessly in the footsteps of women, and dissipated his energies through all the small channels that his wealth opened and his talents made easy to him.
I just peeped in upon a semi-grand swathed in white and a row of water colors mounted in gold.
Orange color ink pantone 715u,green water color ink pantone 3272u
Stories for Children" is a beautiful hardcover edition of three of Oscar Wilde's famous stories for children reissued with original water color illustrations by Charles Robinson.
Adorned with stunning detail in sensitively painted water color illustrations of Tatty the butterfly in many natural surroundings, "Tatty, The Lonely Monarch" recounts what happens to the delicate butterfly when she is unable to keep up with her fellow butterflies on their autumnal migration to Mexico.
The Water Color Eye Shadows - a new dual phase, water base to powder finish - come in two palettes, each with a trio of luminous shades.
Pakistan National Council of the (PNCA) in collaboration with Ministry of National Heritage and Integration and the House of Nanna trust arranged the book launching ceremony followed by the exhibition of cartoons and water color paintings on the theme of the book.
Stephenson explains the materials and techniques of watercolor in Europe and America during the past 500 years by analyzing in detail some water color paintings by famous artists.
The workshops are intended for children age 3 to 14 and cover three topics: origami, Chinese paper cutting and customizing paper fans with water color and finger-painting techniques.
The plate shows West Boylston center as it is today and is based on a water color by West Boylston artist Shirley Hunter Smith.
They are combining satellite data on physical attributes of the ocean such as water color and surface temperature to identify early markers for toxic blooms.