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The Skull Island 16 is built using ultra-light Kevlar and Corecell construction with 100 percent vinylester resins to produce a shallow water craft that is light and agile.
Immediately Vaughn swam out to the children with his rescue board while Jake radioed his colleagues and asked them to launch a Rescue Water Craft, a jet ski with an attached body board.
The rider, a man believed to be from South Bank, was taking the personal water craft (PWC) - commonly known as a jetski - for its first outing when it capsized near the Teesside Wind Farm, off Redcar.
The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), the government authority charged with regulating all aspects of the maritime sector in Dubai, announced the launch of the campaign for licensing unregistered personal water craft, which will run until October 20.
It's a race model water craft and looks every bit like a bike on water.
Israeli military authorities opened investigation into the incident which took place less than a week after small Tzora-class water craft turned over a few kilometers from the Gaza Strip shore without resulting in any casualties.
Founder and Managing Director of the company, Basel Shuhaiber, says that his company's line up of open water craft appeals particularly to those who are genuinely considering purchasing a leisure vessel.
The small one person water craft was developed to help lifeguards rescue casualties quicker following first-hand experience of the difficulties associated with rescuing people in water.
Coast Guard and National Guard helicopters and water craft rescued three of the crew members and recovered the body of the fourth, Coast Guard Petty Officer Levi Read said.
It therefore astounds me to learn that in these times of austerity, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service whose core functions as described in the Fire Services Act 2004 (available on the Internet) are fire safety, fire fighting and road traffic accidents, are spending huge amounts of taxpayers money on jet boats, water craft, hovercraft and other such items.
This water craft has been updated a little over the past year but the name remains the same, and at this price, combined with impressive performance, it's hard to be beaten.
And on Saturday, big waves and strong currents meant the lifeguards used their Rescue Water Craft to patrol the bay's most dangerous area.