Water dock

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Wa´ter dock`

1.(Bot.) A tall, coarse dock growing in wet places. The American water dock is Rumex orbiculatus, the European is Rumex Hydrolapathum.
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Meanwhile, British Steel has won a deal to supply crane rails for the PS57billion Yangshan deep water dock in Shanghai.
2017 plans: There are plans to expand the Deep Water Dock, but construction won't start in 2017.
GOTAC includes 800,000 barrels of tankage with access to an additional planned 2 million barrels of storage capacity, deep water dock access, a crude processing unit (CPU) with current capacity to process up to 25,000 barrels per day (bpd) of heavy crude, and rail and truck loading and unloading facilities.
There's no other opportunity to own a new home with a deep water dock anywhere else within Marin County real estate (http://www.
The deal, initially for 10 years, will bring ships carrying up to 75,000 tonnes of sustainably-sourced biomass to the deep water dock on the south bank of the Tyne, where it will be unloaded and stored before being dispatched to Drax by train.
Brenner adds that the company's new shredding plant, located near a deep water dock on the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, N.
As with PD Ports, regarding the second deepest water dock in the country.
Brooklyn, New York: Waterfront Home with deep water dock in Mill Basin at 2654 National Drive.
and Union Pacific Railroad, as well as barge connectivity to major Gulf Coast refining centers and deep water dock connectivity to international markets.
It would be far cheaper in the long run to build a deep water dock further along the coast and provide an access road to it.
Furthermore, it in addition has deep water dock connectivity to international markets.