Water drain

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Wa´ter drain`

1.A drain or channel for draining off water.
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Tenders are invited for Providing and Laying Internal Balance Storm water Drain Construction of road gulley in sector 38 gurugram providing and laying RCC NP 2 pipe for strom water drain and road Culiey.
The storm water drain of Lyari from Lea Market to Shah Waliullah Road has not been cleaned during the last several years.
5 billion, reconstruction of Cantt Station Road along with laying new sewerage and water supply lines and construction of a storm water drain along the roads for Rs240 million.
The opposite end of the handle has a water drain flap reinforced with mesh panel.
The KMC officials informed that the KMC was going to reconstruct the Express Way storm water drain to solve the problems faced by people during monsoon caused by its dilapidated condition.
Due to the wrong timing of the Naryn river blocking [targeted explosion in December 2009] in vegetation period of 2010, the water washed out the foundation of the left water drain facility of Kambar-Ata-2 hydropower plant," Nikolay Kravtsov, expert of Fuel and Energy Sector Transparency Initiative, said at the seminar on July 5 in Bishkek.
16 (ANI): An 18-month-old child fell into a storm water drain on Wednesday morning, leaving his parents stunned and shocked.
If household appliances are accidentally connected to the surface water drain, instead of the foul water drain, waste water from sinks, toilets and washing machines go straight into watercourses.
While you can hear a sound (sometimes) as the foil tears (you can't see any torn foil), you can't see the colored water drain into the activation chamber.
7 billion gallons of water drain from the Everglades to coastal waters each day.
Dehaussy attributed Renault's decision to the high water separation performance of the pre-filter, its resistance to corrosion, the specific retained water drain valve system that avoids the risk of spills during draining, and the tools-free ease of servicing the unit.
And it doesn't necessarily need to sound like a pollutant to be one - milk, cream, yoghurt, fruit juice, alcohol and other foodstuffs can be up to a thousand times more destructive than raw sewage and chemicals if they get into a surface water drain, wiping out life in rivers.