Water drainage

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Wa´ter drain´age

1.The draining off of water.
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The scope of the works to be carried out primarily includes, but is not limited to: replacement or replacement of the manhole cover, repairs, rebuilding of the cleaning pads, replacement of water drainage grills, repair of the water drainage shaft, repair of roof drainage, repair of the drainage connection, repair of the domestic drainage channel, restoration of the casing, sewage transfer, dewatering, traffic engineering.
Work is presently underway to implement a storm water drainage network on both directions, in addition to civil works, laying of two asphalt at some parts, construction of side pavements and concrete wall along the central reservation, said the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning.
16A A servitude right to lay a surface water drainage pipe under 173 square metres or thereby of undeveloped scrub land located at the edge of the White Cart Water, 120m or thereby south of the entrance to Inchinnan Cruising Club, Inchinnan Road, Renfrew together with all necessary servitude rights of access at all times for pedestrians and vehicles (including heavy vehicles and equipment) for the purpose of constructing, maintaining, repairing, improving and renewing said surface water drainage pipe from the realigned Abbotsinch Road to the White Cart Water.
During his visit, Roads Construction Chief and Engineer in Charge of the Project, Fathi Al Farei, briefed the minister about the latest progress achieved in the project, which presently involves implementation of storm water drainage network on both directions, civil works, reclamation and laying of asphalt at some parts, construction of side pavements and construction of concrete wall along the central reservation.
Pensioner Alan Boon has been paying surface water drainage (SWD) charges at his Huyton property for nearly 20 years.
A spokesman of the agriculture department said on Saturday that growers should choose heavy loam soil which has proper water drainage system for its cultivation.
A spokesman for the Agriculture Department said on Wednesday that growers should choose heavy loam soil which has proper water drainage system for its cultivation.
Al- Sisi praised Egypt's irrigation and water drainage projects, which aim to improve and regulate the irrigation process by applying modern techniques, including the rationalisation of water consumption, thus maximising the amount of water available to agriculture.
Mesaimeer Surface and Ground Water Drainage Project in Doha tunnel's excavation has been completed, marking a major milestone in Qatar's efforts to discharge groundwater and storm-water into the sea.
He indicated in the Umdurman Radio program (radio conference) that the water drainage in the state faces the obstacles of the irrigation canals, noting that 30 villages in the south of the state were greatly affected by the rainfall , referring to the equipments provided to the emergency offices in the for the water drainage from the affected villages.
Mansour bin Miteb bin Abdulaziz , Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, signed at his office in the ministry recently two contracts to implement two projects for flood water drainage in different districts in Riyadh.
Anyway, the main reason for the flooding of streets is improper water drainage system.