Water god

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Wa´ter god`

1.(Myth.) A fabulous deity supposed to dwell in, and preside over, some body of water.
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On this day you must avoid washing clothing because it would offend the water god," said Meng.
A EVOLVING TWINS This seal impression shows the enthroned water god Enki receiving his double-faced vizier, Isimud.
What was it like going from playing a swimmer to a water god in 'Bride of Habaek?
The other gods find this hilarious, but no one helps Asahi when the water god takes her voice and then does nothing but watch as she suffers from lack of water and food and nearly dies, until one finally gives her something to eat.
Scientists admit the reasons behind the ritual remain a mystery, but believe it could have been associated with Tlaloc, the water god, due to offerings and figures found close to the victims.
We have a history of folding our hands while the water God sends to us from the clouds flows away.
Yun Mi-Kyung's Bride of the Water God is a traditional sunjeong manhwa (the Korean equivalent of Japanese shoujo or "girls" manga) that walks a fine line between commercial success and fine art.
The chief advisor to the Imperial throne, Fujiwara no Tadamichi, suggested seeking divine intervention from the water god, Ame no Oshikumone no Mikoto.
In Oshogbo, the Osun river - which winds through a belt of tropical rainforest - is said to be a traditional site for sacrifices to the water god who bears the same name as the Osun.
In the creation of Heavens and Earth, the alternation between night and day, the ships which plow the sea with something to benefit mankind, and any water God sends down from the sky with which to revive the earth following its death, and to scatter every kind of animal throughout it, and directing the winds and clouds which are driven along between the sky and earth, are (all) signs for folks who use their reason.
Having seen Rafha (Henry Cecil) win the Prix de Diane on Sunday, Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia enjoys success at a more humble level when Usaylah (Dunlop/Eddery) takes the nine-furlong handicap at Goodwood from Water God (Fulke Johnson Houghton/Nicky Adams).
According to legend, Chandra was the daughter of the Naga king Shesha, the sea snake god whom the gods used to churn the ocean (and another manifestation of ocean-resting Vishnu the water god, in Indian mythology).