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Any of various filamentous, often parasitic heterokonts of the division Oomycota, characterized by bearing female gametes in oogonia. Oomycetes include the downy mildews and other species that cause plant diseases such as late blight. Also called water mold.

o′o·my·ce′tous adj.


(Botany) any organism of the phylum Oomycota (or Oomycetes), formerly classified as fungi but now usually included in the kingdom Protoctista or Protista: includes the water moulds and downy mildews
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As much as possible, avoid soil with very high organic matter in order to prevent water molds from attacking the seeds or young plants.
Called Plasmopara obducens, it's one of the oomycetes, or water molds, a group that includes the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine and the one wreaking havoc in California and Oregon with sudden oak death.
Even before suffocation occurs, water molds can develop in constantly wet soil and kill plants.