Water pig

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Wa´ter pig`

1.(Zool.) The capybara.
2.(Zool.) The gourami.
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4, 2019, will be a springboard for the Year of the Water Pig (Feb.
20, 1984, Toni Gonzaga, a Water Pig, is also hobbled by the illness star.
A young Capybara water pig (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) is seen here with its mother in a zoo in Zurich, Switzerland.
Also called a water pig - resembling a beaver without a tail - the capybara lumbers awkwardly on land but can swim long distances and stay underwater up to five minutes, according to animal officials and Web sites.
Pigs had ad libitum access to the diet of 3,312 kcal of ME/kg and to water Pigs were fed in group pens of practical farms, and individual BW of pigs and IFI records were kept daily using FIRE System (Osborne Industries Inc.
Komodo dragons, red pandas, four gibbons and another four critically endangered Visayan water pigs have also swelled the numbers this year.