Water torch

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Wa´ter torch`

1.(Bot.) The common cat-tail (Typha latifolia), the spike of which makes a good torch soaked in oil.
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Tenders are invited for Sdrf Equipment Lot-32 Under Water Torch
The haul includes a dry suit, diving knife, snorkel, fins, a breathing regulator, under- water torch, thermal boots, a Maverick dry suit, a US diver's jacket with fluorescent markings, a Seaquest diving bag, gloves, a three-litre oxygen bottle and a 12- litre oxygen cylinder.
Inflatable Motor Rescue Boats (along with Synthetic Life Jackets, Life Buoys, Personal diving kits, Dive fins, Gloves, BA sets light weight with spare cylinder, Diving Suits and Under Water Torch etc.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Diving/Flood Rescue Equipments Under Water Torch,Scuba Set,Underwater Communication System (with wire),Underwater Video Camera.