Water tube

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Wa´ter tube`

1.(Zool.) One of a system of tubular excretory organs having external openings, found in many invertebrates. They are believed to be analogous in function to the kidneys of vertebrates. See Illust. under Trematodea, and Sporocyst.
2.Any tube for passing or holding water; specif., in some steam boilers, a tube in which water circulates and steam is generated.
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He said that all 96 water tube wells were now working accurately in Sialkot under the supervision of MCS.
Combitherm Boiler is a unique membrane design water wall type boiler which combines the advantages of both water tube & smoke tube steam boilers.
Tenders are invited for Renovation / Modification in Electrical Control Panels of Sump Pumps & Water Tube Well Pumps alongwith other associated Works at 400KV Sub Station Bareilly under Electy.
There are lots of different textures and lights and a big water tube and, according to my therapist Duncan, for the first few weeks I would hide behind the water tube so that I couldn't see him.
2007, Preliminary results of investigations of long lasting non-tidal signals observed by horizontal pendulums and long water tube tiltmeters in Lower Silesian Geodynamic Laboratory of Polish Academy of Sciences in Ksiaz.
He took the lead during his run but then had to pit a little early when a blocked water tube caused him to severely dehydrate.
Industrial boilers are mainly classified into two types, water tube boilers and fire tube boilers.
He further added that in most areas in Peshawar Water Tube well were established by the government but because of the rusted pipes most of the people were drinking contaminated water, adding that in some areas people were also take illegal connection of pipes.
The Chief Minister also said that on the one hand the province has to pay huge bills of electricity of both irrigation and drinking water tube wells while on the other hand the citizens are always facing shortage of water due to loadsheding that is why he has decided to convert all tube wells of the province to solar energy so that the problem is resolved once for all.
OGDCL under its social welfare installed water tube wells at Pirkoh, District DeraBugti an amount of Rs.
The participants were also informed that sites for four solar energy drinking water tube well had been finalized and construction works of these schemes would be started very soon.