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A city of southeast Wisconsin west of Milwaukee. Once known for its mineral water, it developed as a spa town.


(ˈwɔ kɪˌʃɔ)

a city in SE Wisconsin, W of Milwaukee. 55,250.
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When Waukesha ships an engine, it comes with our commitment to support it with high performance Genuine Waukesha Parts and our global network of independent distributors and their expert service technicians," said Brian White, interim president, Dresser Waukesha.
Notes: A Bidder~s Pre-qualification Statement must be filed with the City of Waukesha at least five (5) calendar days before the Bid opening date.
Dresser Waukesha, a leading manufacturer of natural gas engines that deliver clean, cost-effective power, has introduced a new combined heat and power (CHP) package for its APG1000 generator set designed to maximize total efficiency in CHP applications.
s Waukesha Manufacturing Facility, Waukesha, Wisconsin, saw that a competitor was failing to produce ductile iron V-8 and v-6 bed-plates within adequate scrap levels.
The 12V275GL+ is the newest engine in the Waukesha product lineup that is designed to address current and future emissions concerns while still providing the higher power and application flexibility our customers have come to expect," said Lloyd Beauchamp, vice president-gas compression sales for Dresser Waukesha.
Notes: A PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE will be held on 9:00 AM CST/CDT on Thursday, 3/24/16, in Room 255/259 of the Waukesha County Administration Center, 515 W.
By acquiring Kramer, Waukesha has increased its presence in the cast pump component market, focusing its efforts on high-integrity, difficult geometry cast products.
Dresser Waukesha achieved this efficiency level with a simple cycle 1200 rpm APG1000 lean burn demonstration engine without exhaust energy recovery, according to Jim Zurlo, Ph.
Notes: A pre-bid meeting will be held in Room 255/259 of the Waukesha County Administration Center, 515 W.
Indianapolis, and Waukesha Manufacturing Facility, Waukesha, Wisconsin, both of which produce engine components, also will become part of International Engine Corp.
Northland selected Waukesha engines for this application because of their reputation as "proven workhorses" along with their size, fuel flexibility and emissions compliance, Williams said.
Sudhari Sahu, manager of metallurgical and technical services, Waukesha Foundry Co.