Wave line

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(Shipbuilding) a line of a vessel's hull, shaped in accordance with the wave-line system.

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based company that makes the Fresh Wave line of natural deodorizers.
Tenders are invited for Square Wave Line Interactive Ups 800 Va Microtek Or Similar Make 800 Va Ups Double Battery Or Higher, With Min.
Momeni also added to its handtufted Nu Wave line for the first time in a while, and many new designs were influenced by water, including one that was reminiscent of water and oil mixing.
as the break of the wave line and spontaneous water flow especially in
They offer a little more height than the regular Wave line, bringing tons of bold color.
Momeni's New Wave line has softened up a bit with shades like lavender.
ahead, deer wake to your imagn'd silence, leap for their lives through cedar budding kinnickinnic giant firs, breezes raising whitecaps racing toward you, & you await the moment when the wave line hits & you lift your eyes to the new sky where all the sleepers are finally pushing seaward skyward in a mad rush where the cranes lift themselves & are gone, as you are.
Meanwhile, HPM is replacing its Next Wave line of two-platen hydromechanical presses with the new Freedom series.
The WAVE provides students with wallet-sized plastic cards stamped with the WAVE Line 800 number, entitling them to discounts and free gifts from the program's corporate sponsors.
is introducing two ergonomic products in its Super Wave line.
The white facade was fairly minimalist, only disrupted by the Linens 'n Things logo and a subtle wave line circling the building's top perimeter.