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(Biography) Archibald (Percival), 1st Earl. 1883–1950, British field marshal. During World War II he was commander in chief in the Middle East (1939–41), defeating the Italians in N Africa. He was commander in chief in India (1941–43) and viceroy of India (1943–47)


(ˈweɪ vəl)

Archibald Percival, 1st Earl, 1883–1950, British field marshal and author: viceroy of India 1943–47.
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Noun1.Wavell - British field marshal in North Africa in World War IIWavell - British field marshal in North Africa in World War II; he defeated the Italians before being defeated by the Germans (1883-1950)
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The Information Technology University (ITU) the Punjab's Centre for Governance and Policy hosted the launch of acclaimed British historian Victoria Schofield book on Lord Wavell, the penultimate Viceroy of India here today.
The Pakistan edition of her pioneering biography, Wavell: Soldier and Statesman, has just been published by Oxford University Press and provides rare insights into that crucial era of 1943-1947 during which Field Marshall Archibald Wavell, 1st Earl Wavell, served as viceroy of India.
Contractor address : Wavell House, Holcombe Road, Helmshore Bb4 4Nb Rossendale
On 11 August 1945, just two days after a second atomic bomb levelled the Japanese city of Nagasaki, Sir EM Jenkins, the Personal Secretary to Viceroy, and Governor-General of India Wavell suggested Bose be declared a war criminal.
It was owned at the time by Heath's pal, a former nurse called Mike Wavell who became president of the island's defence committee in charge of Jersey's police force.
Even if the party has no basis in fact, at least three guests are easily identified, and Wavell was known to recite poetry.
With the failure of the Cabinet Mission in 1946 Archibald Percival Wavell the Viceroy of India suggested to the Home Government that the British must recognize their failure to arrange a compromise and withdraw from India latest by March 31 1948.
Wavell and the Dying Days of the Raj: Britain's Penultimate Viceroy in India.
The research was designed as an update of the previous review of the impact of school library services undertaken in 2001 by the same team (Williams, Wavell & Coles 2001).
Wavell in the Middle East 1939-1941; a study in generalship.
Muhammad Iqbal Chawla has launched his book 'Wavell and the Dying Days of the Raj' which discusses the era of Archibald Percival Wavell, a significant viceroy.