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1.A wave.
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Sio hivi yalivyofanywa--kuja mtu akatoa amri kuwa Fulani na Fulani wawe ndio).
At the same period the thief and outlaw William Wawe and his gang were suppressed by the Duke of Gloucester working, for once, in harmony with Bishop Beaufort.
10]) Sinus tacycardia with evidence of left atrial enlargement and QT prolongation Follow-up ECG: QT prolongation with widespread flat T wawes in [V.
No coyn ne knew man which was false or trewe, No ship yit karf the wawes grene and blewe, No marchaunt yit ne fette outlandish ware.
WHAT IT IS: Label founded by Matthew Johnson and Peter Redvers-Lee to expose underground or obscure blues players in northern Mississippi, now having a second life releasing an expanded field of discontented sounds from rock acts like Wawes and The Walkmen.
Proving that pissing off 20,000 maniacal fans at the Primavera Sound Festival isn't enough to tank a career in lo-fi rock and roll, friend of the mag Nathan Williams and his Wawes trio/duo enlisted Spanky to don some top-heavy alien attire for their Patrick O'Dell-directed "Post Acid" music video.