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Noun1.Hygrophoraceae - a family of fungi belonging to the order Agaricales; the gills of these fungi have a clean waxy appearance
fungus family - includes lichen families
Agaricales, order Agaricales - typical gilled mushrooms belonging to the subdivision Basidiomycota
waxycap - any fungus of the family Hygrophoraceae having gills that are more or less waxy in appearance
genus Hygrocybe, Hygrocybe - a genus of fungi belonging to the family Hygrophoraceae
genus Hygrophorus, Hygrophorus - a genus of fungi belonging to the family Hygrophoraceae
genus Hygrotrama, Hygrotrama - a genus of fungi belonging to the family Hygrophoraceae
genus Neohygrophorus, Neohygrophorus - a genus of fungi belonging to the family Hygrophoraceae
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Download a waxcap and rare fungus spotter, read the survey report and find out about how to contribute to the project going forward, via the National Park website at northumberlandnationalpark.
A NEW mushroom species previously unknown to science has been discovered in Snowdonia, prompting researchers to call for action to protect Wales' "internationally significant" waxcap grasslands.
The site is now recognised as a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of rare waxcap fungi, and it has been listed as a structure of historical significance by Cadw, which will prevent any building there.
Lawyers for the CCW urged judge Mr Justice Andrew Collins not to quash its decision to protect what is claims is an 'internationally important' waxcap hygrocybe fungi population on the banks of the reservoirs.
Military chiefs have agreed to allow the range in Epynt, mid Wales, to become Britain's first site dedicated to the waxcap toadstool.
Hadrian's Wall is internationally important for its waxcap populations and the presence of the Violet Coral fully confirms the outstanding conservation value of this particular grassland, where 28 species of waxcaps also occur.
The annual celebration of fungi features guided walks of fairy rings and tours of the garden's famous (and very rare) waxcap meadows, as well as a chance to get up-close and personal with some tree-rotting fungi too.
A ZOOLOGIST has warned that Roath Park Lake would be filled with tons of silt costing thousands to clear up; large populations of toads, otters and grass snakes would have their habitats destroyed; and protected waxcap mushrooms living on the banks of the reservoir could be killed.
Tim Jones, regional manager for the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW), said: "Over 50 species of waxcap fungi have been recorded at the site.
The Ballerina is just one type of rare waxcap - a jewel-like fungi - found in the field in Tarset in Northumberland National Park.
Dr Gareth Griffith * Waxcap fungi are found in grasslands but are threatened by intensive agriculture
April, 2003 : The Countryside Council for Wales says it is considering designating threatened Llanishen reservoir as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - which would effectively save it from the threat of development - after ultra-rare waxcap fungi is found on its banks.