Ways of God

his providential government, or his works.

See also: Way

References in classic literature ?
Rosa went up to the tulip, tenderly kissed its leaves and, with a heart full of happiness and confidence in the ways of God, broke out in the words, --
As a whole, by the consent of all competent judges, 'Paradise Lost' is worthy of its theme, perhaps the greatest that the mind of man can conceive, namely 'to justify the ways of God.
The ways of God are beyond human understanding," he cried, run- ning in quickly and closing the door.
The ways of God are strange: he lifts these ordinary folk with the good news through the angels.
As the apostle Paul reminds us in 2 Timothy 3:15-16, the inspired Scriptures have been given for our good and growth - to make us wise in the salvation and ways of God.
Milton seeks to justify the ways of God to man in the epic but at the same time, the rebellious tone of Satan seeking individuality, echoes the Machiavellian voice of politics and power.
In the Book of Job, however, the Lord's display of the wonders of Creation is presented in order to enable Job to come to terms with his intense suffering by realizing that the ways of God are beyond human understanding.
These deeds, these blessed comings, punctuate every moment of human history for those who are attentive to the will and the ways of God.
Job implicitly plays a major role in theodicy, as Milton and Pope, among others, felt called upon to justify/vindicate the ways of God to men/man.
Leaders will be equipped to resist the hierarchical and divisive ways of empire in favor of the healing and holistic ways of God in the world, both domestically and globally, that reflect the very essence of the triune God.
The Story Telling God focuses on Christ's parables and discusses how each is designed to bring listeners to Jesus, and is the perfect book for any who would understand how Jesus used parables to illustrate the ways of God.
I ask whether or not a given work has a distinct thesis, say, "To justify the ways of God to man"; if it has a thesis, I ask whether it is consistently presented, ironically treated, or inadvertently undermined.