We're lost

We're lost   
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Perhaps we're lost," suggested Aunt Em, after they had proceeded quite a way in silence.
But words can bring down those orators on high, Cause shields of corruption to wither and die, We can all use our words, speak out together, Lose our freedom of speech and we're lost forever.
His father Major John Thorneloe said: "If we're not defended then we're lost and it's too late if you wake up and find that you haven't got the right means to defend yourselves.
3 : to utter with quick difficult breaths <"I think we're lost," she gasped.
The choice of the studio svengali shows, with I Think We're Lost sounding very much like Costello at his laidback best, and All In Good Time a warm summery affair with hints of Jack Johnson.
Which is why, when faced with quite a goodly amount of contemporary dancing--barefoot, toe-shoed, or hobnail-booted--I feel very much like that Legion officer, facing my readers, you honest, adventurous Legionnaires, and confessing to you: "Legion of the Lost, we're lost in the sands of time in the desert of the avant-garde.
If these things start moving on different timetables, we're lost.