weak interaction

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weak interaction

1. One of the four fundamental interactions of nature, mediated by the intermediate vector bosons and acting on leptons and quarks. It is responsible for the decay of many hadrons, for the beta decay of nuclei, and for the interactions of neutrinos. The weak interaction is weaker than the strong and electromagnetic interactions, but stronger than the gravitational interaction.
2. An instance of this interaction.

weak interaction


weak force

(General Physics) physics an interaction between elementary particles that is responsible for certain decay processes, operates at distances less than about 10–15 metres, and is 1012 times weaker than the strong interaction. The weak interaction and electromagnetic interactions are now described by the unifying electroweak theory. Also called: weak nuclear interaction or weak nuclear force See interaction2, electroweak interaction

weak′ interac′tion

the interaction between elementary particles and the three intermediate vector bosons that carry the weak force.
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Noun1.weak interaction - (physics) an interaction between elementary particles involving neutrinos or antineutrinos that is responsible for certain kinds of radioactive decay; mediated by intermediate vector bosons
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
fundamental interaction, interaction - (physics) the transfer of energy between elementary particles or between an elementary particle and a field or between fields; mediated by gauge bosons
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There, they combine with the protons through weak interactions, one of the four types of interactions that take place between particles in the universe.
Here, researchers have developed new methods for exploiting weak interactions to control molecular association.
It was revealed from the experimental data that Weak interactions between fluoride and all the selected adsorbents have been observed except Amb.
It could have been just two atoms sitting there with very weak interactions or no interactions," says Johannes Deiglmayr, a physicist at ETH Zurich and a coauthor of the study.
There is a tremendous interest in physical chemistry to understand the role of weak interactions at the supramolecular interfaces.
g] indicated the presence of weak interactions between WUPU and silica, which increases the mobility of the polymer chain in the vicinity of the silica nanoparticle.
Upon focusing in this presentation only on some features of motion-to-motion measurements relevant for weak interactions, further analysis of geometrical properties of the spacetime that arise from this approach is left for discussion elsewhere.
Glycobiology was one of typical research fields where elucidation of the networks composed of diverse weak interactions was essential, and lack of appropriate research tools was serious.
Results showed that drugs have weak interactions with the nanostructures, regardless of where they have been absorbed on boron nitride nanotube.
In clear non-mathematical language, the authors take us on a tour of modern physics, from the origins of mass to the mystery of neutrinos, from the basics of weak interactions and how they fit within other, more familiar, forces to a trip into the world's most powerful particle accelerator.
Moller, who coauthored the paper with a multidisciplinary team including former Los Alamos postdoctoral researchers Sanjib Gupta, now a faculty member at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar, and Andrew Steiner, now a research assistant professor at INT, Seattle, said that the terrestrial experimental study of weak interactions in highly deformed, neutron-rich nuclei that FRIB can potentially provide is lent support by this ground-breaking Nature letter, since Los Alamos has been one of the few homes to theoretical studies of deformed nuclei and their role in astrophysics, and remains so to this day.
In this case it is seen a fairly large cluster of carbon nanotubes that can be explained by weak interactions between carbon nanotubes and polymer matrix and the action of mechanical and ultrasonic dispersion is not able to make a breakage of the strong links between carbon nanotubes.