a.1.Having little courage; of feeble spirit; dispirited; faint-hearted.
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Not one for the weak-hearted, fans should find this slick adaptation suitably grisly.
Twisty the Clown will be seen wearing a mask that covers the lower side of his face, and what the mask hides is not for the weak-hearted to see.
We were surprised of late, and with all sorrow, by a phenomenon that is strange to our community and values -- large amounts of stolen goods that some weak-hearted people are trying to sell," said the statement, issued late Sunday by the Druze spiritual authority for the town.
Gilani termed those as weak-hearted who had left the PPP, and said it was good as such people could damage the party at the time of election.
The moving production of Giselle is a romantic full-length classical ballet following Army Officer Albert's seduction of the weak-hearted Giselle.
And with tales of first aiders in the audience and dire warnings for the heavily pregnant and weak-hearted, the dramatic tension surrounding Ghost Stories has certainly been ramped up to a Spinal Tap (or should that be spine-chilling?
But his departure left Cruising River in front ( a position he was able to maintain all the way to the line despite the slightly weak-hearted challenge of Distant Thunder on the run-in.
Johnny Vegas is not for the weak-hearted, if you like your comedy Terry and June style then please look away now.
INVESTING in diamond mines has never been a pastime for the weak-hearted.
The film is certainly not for the weak-hearted because there are some gruesome parts, like one where you see a man torn apart, and it will have you on the edge of your seat.
With a price tag of approximately $48,000 and billed by the magazine as 'a two-wheeler for the exotic car set,' Titan's newest Carroll Shelby-autographed road-running indulgence, available on a limited-edition basis, is not for the weak-hearted.
And to share his experiences with other enthusiasts - and also give the weak-hearted a chance to live vicariously through his rip-roaring adventures - Futch posts reports and pictures on his site on the World Wide Web (http://www.