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a.1.(Geol.) Of or pertaining to the lowest division of the Cretaceous formation in England and on the Continent, which overlies the Oölitic series.
n.1.(Geol.) The Wealden group or strata.
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Hence, ladies and gentlemen," he added, "that frightful brood of saurians which still affright our eyes when seen in the Wealden or in the Solenhofen slates, but which were fortunately extinct long before the first appearance of mankind upon this planet.
The action of fresh water on the gently inclined Wealden district, when upraised, could hardly have been great, but it would somewhat reduce the above estimate.
Wealden district council is seeking to award a 3 year contract to appoint a suitably experienced and qualified contractor to supply a retirement living support system.
Ms Ghani finally became an MP in 2015 when she was elected to represent Wealden, in East Sussex.
Ms Ghani became an MP in 2015 when she was elected to represent Wealden, in East Sussex.
The Conservative Party MP retained her Wealden constituency securing 61.
But a wide-ranging discussion led by MP for Wealden Nusrat Ghani went towards remedying this shortfall.
The Cheneys were an old Sussex family; Cecily Cheney's father was Warden of the Cinque Ports and other branches of the Cheney family were involved in the Wealden iron industry.
A new species of Brachyphyllum from the English Wealden and its probable female cone.
The building, a twin span portal frame with steel mezzanine floors, was erected by Wealden AM and described by company boss Rob Kendall as the biggest building of its kind in the UK.
2012a), showing close similarity to the well-documented faunas from the Wealden of England, France, and Germany (e.