Weather signal

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1.Any signal giving information about the weather. The system used by the United States Weather Bureau includes temperature, cold or hot wave, rain or snow, wind direction, storm, and hurricane signals.
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7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- While snow and chilly weather signal the start of the holiday season at places in the North, it's the arrival of Santa and special savings at Fairfield Inn Anaheim Resort that kick off festivities just minutes from "The Happiest Place on Earth.
The return to school and the hope for cooler weather signal the opening day of dove season, the first hunting period of the upcoming seasons, which inspires celebration, camaraderie, and shotgun shooting artistry.
Given the effect of weather on all aspects of military operations and its status as the medium through which SBR will operate, perhaps the strongest argument one can make is that the SBR program cannot meet its goal of "develop[ing] an integrated and interoperable architecture for theater and national information management" without incorporating weather signal processing.
And today's weather signals the start of a washout week - with the Met Office forecasting frequent rain for most of the country.
The cold weather signals the start of seasonal flu (and bugs like norovirus), which in turn can cause complications for people with pre-existing chest and lung conditions.
In fact, the start of the warmer weather signals not happy months spent outside but rather the onset of a little recognised condition known as "summer sadness".
Don't think the dreary weather signals the start of a dreary wardrobe.
The development of its reproductive organs are put on hold until the spring when warmer weather signals them to mature.