a.1.Driven by winds or storms; forced by stress of weather.
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has marked the one year anniversary of integrating Global Weather Corporation's (GWC) weather forecasts into its near-term weather-driven demand models and solutions.
WSI Corporation is the world's leading provider of weather-driven business solutions for professionals in the aviation, energy, insurance and media markets, as well as multiple federal and state government agencies.
Weather-driven cancellations reduced year-over-year capacity by approximately 3 percentage points.
During November and December, spot natural prices in the Northeast went up and down in relation to weather-driven pipeline constraints.
Those that had pre-bookings are quite happy but those relying on discretionary visitors, who are frequently weather-driven, have not done quite so well this year.
But he added: "Looking ahead, we are unlikely to see a weather-driven seasonal bounce in demand again in 2009 and we continue to plan for a particularly tough balance of the year in our major markets.
WSI Corporation, a provider of weather-driven business solutions for professionals in the aviation, media and energy markets, has reported a partnership with Avidyne, a developer of Integrated Flight Deck Systems for light general aviation aircraft.
Planalytics will provide Stylo Barratt with category level weather-driven demand profiles and projections -- information that helps them better anticipate customer needs and proactively address weather's impact on trading.
Until we get significant rains, these warnings are going to be weather-driven,'' Savage said.
based Planalytics is a supply chain planning and optimization technology company that helps companies make more effective and profitable decisions by forecasting weather-driven changes in supply, demand and prices for products and services.
Just like fans, heaters -- as a weather-driven category -- experience sharp spikes when the temperature drops.
a specialized provider of high resolution weather forecast and alert services, has announced the availability of CWRisk[TM] - critical weather data resources for the Insurance and Risk Management industries to minimize risk and identify weather-driven demand fluctuations and opportunities.