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 (vā′bərn), Anton Friedrich Wilheim von 1883-1945.
Austrian composer whose works, many of them written using twelve-tone techniques, are noted for their brevity and sparseness of musical texture.


(German ˈveːbərn)
(Biography) Anton von (ˈantoːn fɔn). 1883–1945, Austrian composer; pupil of Schoenberg, whose twelve-tone technique he adopted. His works include those for chamber ensemble, such as Five Pieces for Orchestra (1911–13)


(ˈveɪ bərn)

Anton von, 1883–1945, Austrian composer.
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The music of "the Second Viennese School", which included composers Arnold Schoenberg and his pupils Anton Webern and Alban Berg, created a seismic shift in the western tradition of classical music, moving away from diatonicism and towards heterodox terrain in tonality and form.
Along with his devoted students Alban Berg and Anton Webern, Schoenberg was the leader of what came to be known as the Second Viennese School.
Schoenberg and his friends and students (including Alban Berg, Anton Webern, Alexander von Zemlinsky, Alma Mahler, Erwin Stein, Roberto Gerhard, Wassily Kandinsky and Hanns Eisler) tell the story of the composer's life in their own words.
24 (1920-23), and Anton Webern in Fiinf Stiicke, op.
Much of his most telling music has been almost as compact as the ultra-subliminal Austrian miniaturist Anton Webern, disciple of Mahler and pupil of Schoenberg.
The lives of three of them, Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn, overlapped, with the less familiar name of 20th century musical wild-child, Anton Webern also included.
The German Lied After Hugo Wolf: From Hans Pfitzner to Anton Webern
It is romantic and tonal but also disturbed and points the way to the atonal Webern to come a few years later.
Concert programmers who include music by the likes of Schoenberg, Webern and even Stravinsky can expect to see rows of empty seats.
Con respecto al sistema dodecafonico, concretamente, habria que ocuparse muy especialmente de Anton von Webern, el cual, en el transcurso de los conflictivos anos 1932-1934, impartio una serie de lecciones con el objetivo de introducir las nuevas conquistas del dodecafonismo a un publico mas bien neofito.
A Mata le toco fuerte en sus anos formativos el auge del serialismo de Shonberg y Webern, dominador de las tendencias de vanguardia desde los anos cincuenta.
Apres l'entracte elles ont joue pour Anton Webern, six bagatelles pour quatuor a cordes-1913 et pour Claude Debussy, quatuor op.