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n. Archaic
A weaver of cloth.

[Middle English, from Old English webbestre, feminine of webba, weaver, from webb, web; see webh- in Indo-European roots.]


(Textiles) an archaic word for weaver1
[Old English webbestre, from webba a weaver, from webb web]


1. (Biography) Daniel. 1782–1852, US politician and orator
2. (Biography) John. ?1580–?1625, English dramatist, noted for his revenge tragedies The White Devil (?1612) and The Duchess of Malfi (?1613)
3. (Biography) Noah. 1758–1843, US lexicographer, famous for his American Dictionary of the English Language (1828)


(ˈwɛb stər)

n. Archaic.
a weaver.
[before 1100]


(ˈwɛb stər)

1. Daniel, 1782–1852, U.S. statesman and orator.
2. John, c1580–1625?, English playwright.
3. Noah, 1758–1843, U.S. lexicographer and essayist.
4. Informal. Also, Web′ster's. a dictionary of the English language.
Web•ste′ri•an (-ˈstɪər i ən) adj.
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Noun1.webster - English playwright (1580-1625)Webster - English playwright (1580-1625)  
2.webster - United States politician and orator (1782-1817)Webster - United States politician and orator (1782-1817)
3.webster - United States lexicographer (1758-1843)Webster - United States lexicographer (1758-1843)
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I found him lying at anchor on the Alameda side of the estuary near the Webster Street bridge, with visitors aboard, whom he was entertaining with afternoon wine.
And yet they are very clever--at least," Katharine added, "I suppose they have all read Webster.
I've read Webster, I've read Ben Jonson, but I don't think myself clever--not exactly, at least.
The Elizabethan tendency to sensational horror finds its greatest artistic expression in two plays of John Webster, 'The White Devil, or Vittoria Corombona,' and 'The Duchess of Malfi.
Shakspere's later contemporaries, under Elizabeth and James I: Jonson, Chapman, Dekker, Heywood, Middleton, Marston, Beaumont and Fletcher, Webster.
The mayor of the village, in delivering the prize to the author of it, made a warm speech in which he said that it was by far the most "eloquent" thing he had ever listened to, and that Daniel Webster himself might well be proud of it.
Elmer Webster stepped on one of mine yesterday when I accidentally had it out in the aisle, and when he apologized after class, he said he wasn't so much to blame, for the foot was so little he really couldn't see it
Webster Financial Corporation (NYSE: WBS), the holding company for Webster Bank, said it has released its company-run 2015 capital stress test results as required by the Dodd-Frank Act.
WEBSTER -- The sixth annual tree lighting in Webster will take place from 6 to 8 p.
Webster, a well-known expert in additive chemistry for plastics and fibers.
The Defense Acquisition University and Webster University have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a strategic partnership.
This program enables colleges and universities to integrate PeopleSoft's industry-leading enterprise software into their classroom curricula more quickly and cost effectively," says John Webster, PeopleSoft programs director at Dakota Stare University.

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