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n.1.(Min.) A hydrous sulphate of alumina occurring in white reniform masses.
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1) comprises websterite intruded by deformed lherzolite (Fig.
Occurrences of major mafic-ultramafic bodies in the northern Dashwoods Subzone # (a) Location Lithology Mineralogy (b) 1 Puddle Pond Troctolite, ol-gabbro, Varying amounts of gabbro, hbl gabbro, Ol+Pl+Cpx+Hbl+Opx+/-Bt# ol-norite 2 John's Brook Gabbro, hbl-gabbro Cpx+Pl+Hbl# Lake gabbro 3 Whaleback Lherzolite, dunite, Relic Ol+Cpx+opx; Pond websterite, wehrlite, Tr+Chl+Srp+Car; Hbl+Pl# metagabbro 4 W of Silver Dunite, wehrlite, Relic O1+Cpx+Opx+Cr; Pond harzburgite, Tr+Chl+Srp+Car; Am+Chl pyroxenite, gabbro.
Layers exhibit modal and textural variation, including repeated cycles from websterite bases (cumulate ortho- and clinopyroxene [+ or -] olivine) to gabbro or leucogabbro tops (cumulate clinopyroxene and plagioclase).