Weddell Sea

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Wed·dell Sea

 (wĭ-dĕl′, wĕd′l)
A sea of the southern Atlantic Ocean off western Antarctica east of the Antarctic Peninsula. It is named for James Weddell (1787-1834), a British navigator.

Weddell Sea

(Placename) an arm of the S Atlantic in Antarctica

Wed′dell Sea′

(ˈwɛd l, wəˈdɛl)
an arm of the Atlantic, E of Antarctic Peninsula.
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Noun1.Weddell Sea - an arm of the south Atlantic in Antarctica to the east of the Antarctic Peninsula
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As we make our way to South Georgia, we are slowed, and then stopped, by a vast mass of ice in the Wedell Sea.
In the backdrop, rolling to the horizon, is the iceberg laden expanse of the Wedell Sea.