a.1.(Zool.) Having a tail which has the middle pair of feathers longest, the rest successively and decidedly shorter, and all more or less attenuate; - said of certain birds. See Illust. of Wood hoopoe, under Wood.
Wedge-tailed eagle
an Australian eagle (Aquila audax) which feeds on various small species of kangaroos, and on lambs; - called also mountain eagle, bold eagle, and eagle hawk.
Wedge-tailed gull
an arctic gull (Rhodostethia rosea) in which the plumage is tinged with rose; - called also Ross's gull.
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Interactive displays provide an island overview, and kids will be intrigued by the 3D model of a wedge-tailed shearwater's bird nest and animal skeletons that tell of the region's natural history.
The Bird Island, located around 100km north of Mah, is a small coral island famous for its stunning birdlife, with a settlement of over one million sooty terns that nest there annually, together with numerous other types of seabirds, like frigates and wedge-tailed shearwaters.
The boy's mother was left "distraught" and the wedge-tailed eagle has been removed from shows at Alice Springs Desert Park in central Australia.
why raptors rarely nest above 1200 m (with information on the limits of tree growth) and debunks the myth that Wedge-tailed or Little Eagles have become dependent on rabbits for food.
Wedge-tailed, sea, and golden are species of which bird?
Taking its name from the two great oceans it links, and symbolised by the magnificent wedge-tailed eagle that so often soars above it, the Indian Pacific now regularly traverses the 2,698 miles between Perth and Sydney.
An emotional Gibson, a school-teacher, said there were highlights like watching wedge-tailed eagles soar by, but also tough times.
Half an eye on the distant gate off the loop road, the rest of your sight on the happenings of the block, in particular the great wedge-tailed eagle hovering overhead, analysing you.
Melbourne, July 13 (ANI): Wedge-tailed eagles are now the latest accessories at weddings in Gold Coast, Australia.
Here we have declared war on rabbits, foxes, wombats (a native Australian animal like a small Sherman tank on very short legs) huge wedge-tailed eagles, although we are happy to lose the occasional chicken to them as they are becoming scarce.
the bold gaze of a wedge-tailed eagle at close quarters; the breathtaking beauty of a lily in a pond in Brisbane; and two hawksbill turtles embracing before mating.
The individuals nesting at the refuge are very likely descendents of Newell's shearwaters that were brought here 30 years ago as eggs and cross-fostered by the much more common wedge-tailed shearwater (Puffinus pacificus)," Zaun explains.