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a city in N Shandong province, in NE China. 428,522.
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We commenced the packaging operations of tissue paper products, that involves processing base tissue paper from long-term cooperative third party and producing finished products in Wei County Industry Park and generated approximately $0.
The study, by scientist David Large and colleagues, note that parts of China's Xuan Wei County in Yunnan Province have the world's highest incidence of lung cancer in nonsmoking women - 20 times higher than the rest of China.
So-called "smoky coal," a low-quality product that releases large amounts of mutagens, is common in Yunnan province, where it is linked to high rates of lung cancer, particularly among women in Xuan Wei county.
The temporary suspension of production will not impact the Company's tissue paper operations, which are located in the Economic Development Zone of Wei County, Hebei Province, outside Beijing.
NYSE MKT: ONP) ("Orient Paper" or the "Company"), a leading manufacturer and distributor of diversified paper products in North China, today announced that it has begun commercial production of tissue paper products at its production facility in the Wei County Industrial Park in China's Hebei Province.
The Company is building production facilities in the Wei County Industrial Park in Hebei Province for tissue paper production.
The increase was mainly a result of an increase in compensation expense for new hires in preparation for the launch of the tissue paper product line, an increase in depreciation of property at the Wei County Industrial Park and of the new facilities for digital photo paper production; and increased sales commissions.
The increase was mainly due to an increase in salaries and wages to new management and staff members to prepare for the launch of our tissue paper operations at the Wei County Industrial Park, which was offset by decreases in legal fees, building depreciation, and consulting fees, when compared with the third quarter of 2013.
Light-weight CMP continues to make a solid revenue contribution, and we continue to prepare to enter the tissue paper market as we construct our lines at the Wei County Industrial Park.
Following the annual general meeting, the Company will hold an "Open House" tour of its factories in Baoding and the tissue paper facilities construction site in the Wei County Industrial Park for interested investors and analysts.