Weighing house

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He quickly filled a large container but was disappointed when it was presented at the weighing house when he was told that he could not have them because the whole crop belonged to a well-known blackcurrant drink producer.
Construction of a new container logistics center, a weighing house incl.
In the absence of many police, members of the crowd went on the rampage, smashing up the weighing house and throwing equipment into the Tyne.
Total quantity or scope: Of 120 000 mA earthworks, and sewer pipes, gas station with 50 000 liters tank, angular retaining walls, 17 500 mA paved surface, fencing and gate system, landscaping, office and social building 4 800 mA of enclosed space, truck service area 3 to 200 mA enclosed space tons bearing 1 to 200 mA of enclosed space, your household waste acceptance for 12 large wells and for another 15 containers, scales and weighing house.