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Noun1.Weissbier - a general name for beers made from wheat by top fermentationWeissbier - a general name for beers made from wheat by top fermentation; usually very pale and cloudy and effervescent
Weizenbier - a general name in southern Germany for wheat beers
Weizenbock - a German wheat beer of bock strength
ale - a general name for beer made with a top fermenting yeast; in some of the United States an ale is (by law) a brew of more than 4% alcohol by volume
Deutschland, FRG, Germany, Federal Republic of Germany - a republic in central Europe; split into East Germany and West Germany after World War II and reunited in 1990
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Visitors are also able to sample the delights of German mulled wine (gluhwein), bratwursts (grilled sausages), weissbier (German wheat beer) and, for those with a sweet tooth, gingerbread and marzipan sweets.
Dunkleweiss is a wheat beer done the Guinness way giving it more colour and texture than the traditional Weissbier - but it still packs a punch.
On the menu are three beers available through the year--a full-bodied, semi-dry Ale named FleigerQuell; a refreshing Weissbier (wheat beer) called Kumulus after the family of puffy white or grey cloud formations; and Jetstream, a naturally cloudy, lean and dry Pilsner.
KG Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg (Konig Ludwig Weissbier, Konig Ludwig Dunkel).
845 Lafayette Road Brown Ale, Weissbier, American Porter,
5l Weissbier (wheat beer) 2 chicken stock jelly cubes 6 Cloves 20 juniper berries 4 sticks celery, chopped 3 carrots, chopped *2 onions, sliced 2 cloves garlic, crushed FOR THE CABBAGE: 1 large Savoy cabbage, cut into large pieces EXTRAS: 125g smoked or salted butter Mouli or potato ricer METS HOD: First, get the pork going.
A quick call to my Coral mate Pompey Dave saw me accommodated at 2-1 and I was feeling it was time to break out the Weissbier.
For the final third, Parekh injected his own preferences into the menu, selecting his personal favorites, including Stiegl Grapefruit Radler ($10) and Spaten Franziskaner Weissbier ($9).
He said Baxter's "Imperial" weissbier takes the traditional elements of this style, including an authentic Bavarian yeast strain, and adds some American ingredients.
From an urbanist's point of view, it is great to see citizens, even in chilly, damp December air, sociably occupying public space, chatting with friends, many struggling to support a litre of Weissbier, with a huge wurst in the other fist.
If you have the time, do travel out to the south west of Berlin to Wannsee - enjoy lunch at Loretta am Wannsee beer garden and restaurant and sample the local Weissbier.