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Weissmuller won five Olympic gold medals in the 1920s, according to the Arab Encyclopedia official website.
1984: Swimmer and 'Tarzan' actor Johnny Weissmuller (left) died, aged 79.
Immediately striking, as one entered the first of the two rooms, was the color of the walls--a beautiful, floral shade of pink, which, as it turned out, matched the hue decorating the interior of the Hotel Los Flamingos in Acapulco, the long-term residence of Johnny Weissmuller, the actor and professional swimmer who starred as Tarzan in a dozen films shot in the 1930s and '40s.
Olympic gold medal-winning swimming star Johnny Weissmuller first gave Tarzan his famous wild yell and a recording of it was later played at his funeral as his coffin was lowered into the ground.
2 TARZAN THE APE MAN (1932) OLYMPIC gold medal swimmer Johnny Weissmuller aired his famous Tarzan yell in this movie.
JOHNNY WEISSMULLER broke Duke Kahanamoku's world record in the 100-metre freestyle, swimming it in 58.
LOS ANGELES: Johnny Weissmuller was said to walk the grounds of this retirement home letting out his trademark Tarzan yell.
On this day in 1924 swimmer Johnny Weissmuller broke his own 100 yard freestyle record in 57.
OLYMPIC champion Johnny Weissmuller announced his retirement from amateur swimming before embarking on a modelling and movie career.
There was Tarzan, starring Johnny Weissmuller (left), portrayed by a character whose grunts could only be understood by his monkey friend and us kids in the stalls.
Shot on location in Honduras by co-producers Zach Weissmuller and Ross Kenyon, the series features interviews with key figures in the startup city movement, investigates potential pitfalls, and examines the positive change these cities could create around the globe.
In 1948 former Tarzan Johnny Weissmuller began starring in a Columbia series of Jungle Jim films that ran until 1956 and spawned a short-lived 1955-56 TV show.