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Noun1.Weizenbier - a general name in southern Germany for wheat beersWeizenbier - a general name in southern Germany for wheat beers
Weissbier, wheat beer, white beer - a general name for beers made from wheat by top fermentation; usually very pale and cloudy and effervescent
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It starts out with classic weizenbier yeast phenolics, lots of bananas and bubblebum, rounded out with a hint of smoke.
A local speciality is the pale Weizenbier, made from wheat, but make sure you like it before you order a whole glass.
Alt or Altbier (Dusseldorf, Munster, Dortmund) is well-hopped and brewed warm with top-fermenting yeasts but stored cold, Bock or Doppelbock (Munchen) are strong lagers for consumption in winter and spring that are characterized by a high-malt content and a lengthy, cold maturation), Dortmunder Export or Helles (Nordrhein-Westfalen) is a less hoppy but more malty beer, Kolschbier (Koln) is a golden summer beer with an unfiltered and cloudy finish, Marzen (Munchen), which is traditionally brewed in March, has a sweet and malty taste, and Weissbier or Weizenbier (Bayern) exhibit a huge wheat content.
Somerfield Bavarian Wheat Beerm Weizenbier (89p, 500ml, 5.
Beer mixes, which are imported from New Zealand, have been dubbed West Coast Pale Ale, Whispering Weizenbier, Englishman's Nut Brown Ale, Oktober-fest Vienna Lager and St.
The brand family will include Paul Bunyan Ale, Premium Lager, Old Au Sable Weizenbier - a brew made of wheat rather than barely, Blue Ox Stout and Oscoda Rare Beer - a beer that changes with the season or at his whim.
According to Pastorius, the brewery's Weizen is made from wheat, barley, hops, water and a Bavarian Weizenbier yeast imported from Munich.
has launched a summer Weizenbier, the latest in its planned line of seasonal brands.
In addition to Eisbock, Coors will brew a summer Weizenbier and a fall Oktoberfest Maerzen.