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n.1.Prosperity; happiness; well-being; weal.
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Those arrested during the raid include Somali refugee Abdi Hassan, 42, Abdi Kaaf Abdullahi, 33, Gideon Wesonga 41, Pamela Adhiambo, 35, and Watii Wele, a 22-year-old Ugandan.
Rydw i wedi bod ym mhen draw Iwerddon ac yn unigeddau yr Alban yn ceisio canfod yr unigrwydd hwn, a wele ddigonedd ohono ym mryniau Maldwyn
SI[thorn]EN pe sege and [thorn]e assaut watz sesed at Troye, [thorn]e borgh brittened and brent to brondez and askez, I[thorn]e tulk [thorn]at [thorn]e trammes of tresoun [thorn]er wroght Watz tried for his tricherie, [thorn]e trewest on erthe: Hit watz Ennias [thorn]e athel, and his highe kynde, [thorn]at si[thorn]en depreced prouinces, and patrounes bicome Welneghe of al [thorn]e wele in [thorn]e west iles.
With everything from Senegalese and Ghanian starters such as dienne pastel and kele wele, to the Kenyan charcoal-grilled lamb nyama choma and North African couscous royale.
I haue be maydon evyr and evyrmore wele ben, I chaungyd not 3et of all my long lyff
The Wele LB (Large Bridge) 421 has a 4,000 mm by 2,000 mm table with a load capacity of 15 tonnes supported by ultra-heavy, triple roller guideways on the X-axis.
Projects agreed at the investment forum in Dalian, China, included Chinese participation in the construction of a petroleum hub at Luba, an industrial city at Mbini, and a hydroelectric plant on the Wele River.
The double sorwe of Troilus to tellen, That was the kyng Priamus sone of Troye, In lovynge, how his aventures fellen Fro wo to wele, and after out of joie, (1.
Saluus sis chri[s]to" and proceeds with gradually more taxing (and didactic) sentences to the last entries: "Recommaund me to my maistere & grete wele all my fellawys & frendys I pray the.
Suffer no surfytys in thy hous at nyght; Were of rere-sopers and of grete excese And be wele ware of candyll lyght, Of sleuth on morow and of idelnes, The whych of all vyces is chefe, as I gesse.
Elliot) reads, "Alle shalle be wele, and alle shade be wele and alle manner of thing shade be wele" (383).