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n.1.Prosperity; happiness; well-being; weal.
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With everything from Senegalese and Ghanian starters such as dienne pastel and kele wele, to the Kenyan charcoal-grilled lamb nyama choma and North African couscous royale.
Projects agreed at the investment forum in Dalian, China, included Chinese participation in the construction of a petroleum hub at Luba, an industrial city at Mbini, and a hydroelectric plant on the Wele River.
The ministry said that it will work with China's Sinohydro Corporation on a feasibility study for a new hydroelectric plant on Equatorial Guinea's Wele River.
MoU with Sinohydro Corporation for a feasibility study to develop a hydroelectric plant on the Wele River in Equatorial Guinea.
Ac mae'n dyfynnu enghraifft o Luc 24: 13 - 'Ac wele dau ohonynt oedd yn mynd i dref a'i henw Emmaes.
Elliot) reads, "Alle shalle be wele, and alle shade be wele and alle manner of thing shade be wele" (383).
Wele ich pe sigge, & siker pou be, (MS Auchinleck; 1330)
Wele Carwyn yn difrodi'r gwaith caled hwn gyda un datganaid.
It reads: Y Gorwel Wele rith fel ymyl rhod - o'n cwmpas, Campwaith dewin hynod; Hen linell bell nad yw'n bod, Hen derfyn nad yw'n darfod And what does that mean?
Geographically the city is characterised by dense forest and the strong presence of the river Wele.
where R are total revenues, weLe are total paid wages, [r.
The twins, Wele and Babini, are involved in a lengthy and bitter dispute over succession to their father's estate.