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n. pl. Welt·an·schau·ungs or Welt·an·schau·ung·en (-o͝ong-ən)

[German : Welt, world (from Middle High German wërlt, from Old High German weralt; see wī-ro- in Indo-European roots) + Anschauung, view (from Middle High German anschouwunge, observation, mystical contemplation : an-, on, at from Old High German ana-; see anlage + schouwunge, look, from schouwen, to look at, from Old High German scouwōn).]


(Philosophy) a comprehensive view or personal philosophy of human life and the universe
[from Welt world + Anschauung view]


(ˈvɛltˌɑnˌʃaʊ ʊŋ)

n. German.
a comprehensive conception or image of the universe and of humanity's relation to it.
[literally, world-view]


A German word meaning world view, used to mean someone’s philosophy of life.
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Noun1.Weltanschauung - a comprehensive view of the world and human life
perspective, view, position - a way of regarding situations or topics etc.; "consider what follows from the positivist view"
clockwork universe - the view that the universe resembles a clock built by God and ticking along according to Newtonian mechanics
References in classic literature ?
It will be remembered that in Schopenhauer's ethics, pity is elevated to the highest place among the virtues, and very consistently too, seeing that the Weltanschauung is a pessimistic one.
With this Weltanschauung , Hammour Ziada writes his second novel "The Longing of the Dervish".
It also takes colleagues: like-minded scholars who encourage, challenge, and cooperate in building an edifice, a Weltanschauung, a worldview.
Strehle also traces the profound secularization of the European Jewish community as a result of the new Weltanschauung forged by the French Revolution.
insists that current environmental ills will not be resolved merely by intelligent and pragmatic solutions, but rather that the Weltanschauung behind the instrumentalization of creation needs to be radically altered.
I even coined a new term, "non-Islamism," to refer to the fact that unlike the post-Islamists, the AKP founders never refer to Islam to justify their Weltanschauung, party program and political action despite being accused of being sinister Islamists.
Indeed, the concept of hope in Rumi's philosophy is focal and strategic so much so that denying it in his meditative system would mean total negation of the theological structure of his weltanschauung.
Trahndorff: Asthetik, oder Lehre von Weltanschauung und Kunst, Berlin: in der Mauererschen Buchhandlung, 1827.
Note: Beethoven makes the word Weltanschauung for a triple word score of 183 points.
The Scriptural Weltanschauung is openly shown to be the solid and true alternative to both historical options, equally bad in the author's eyes.
By examining toys, school instruction, popular literature, school geographers, travel literature, and youth groups, including the Boy Scouts (Pfadfinder), Bowersox elucidates the various mass representations of colonial events and the reinforcement of a colonial Weltanschauung for German youth.
In this perspective, the academic 'multiple modernities' of the postmodern discourses seem to me to function primarily as a way of making their proponents comfortable with the global consequences and realities of the civilising/modernising/ development project, historically conceived, implemented, supplemented and redeveloped by the practitioners of the modern Weltanschauung (Rist 2008).