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Wenden wir uns Xenophons Symposion zu, so werden wir Zeuge eines Gastmahls, das Kallias (ca 450-370), der Sohn des Hyponikos seinem Liebling Autolykos als einem der Preistrager der Panathenischen Spiele des Jahres 421 v.
This "complementary" citizenship means a political situation of the individual beyond the boundary between "an autonomous and conflictual citizenship" and getting "a cultural, economic or social citizenship" as remarked Catherine Wihtol de Wenden: "Europe which felt the need to constitute itself from the moment when it ceased to be a center of the world, putting an end to the Franco-German conflict and to the "trade of nations", has tried to replace the world of the countries by a transnational citizenship, "more economic and cultural than political in front of the globalization" (Wihtol de Wenden, 1997: 15).
13 - Ivan Lund (fencing, Aus); Michael Wenden (swimming, Aus); Karen Pickering (swimming, Eng); Samaresh Jung (shooting, Ind)
Greg Wenden, Chief Technology Officer at Avox, believes the competition will spur students on to success.
The Prix Royal-Oak is under threat for an obvious reason, namely the creation of British Champions Day and the Long Distance Cup," said France's EPC representative Dominique de Wenden at a press briefing in Paris yesterday.
Other Canadian cases discussing the duty to warn include Tanner v Norys [1980] 4 WWR 33; Wenden v Trikha (1991), 116 AR 81, aff'd (1993), 14 CCLT (2d) 225; Pittman Estate v Bain (1994) 112 DLR (4th) 258.
Self- or parent-reported symptom checklists such as the Postconcussion Scale (Lovell, Collins, Iverson, Johnston, & Bradley, 2004), the Rivermead Postconcussion Symptoms Questionnaire (King, Crawford, Wenden, Moss, & Wade, 1995), or the Acute Concussion Evaluation (CDC, 2011) used during hospitalization and at designated intervals post-discharge, document severity, and the progression or resolution of symptoms (Gioia et al.
En effet, considerant l'ampleur qu'occupent les migrations internationales au XXIe siecle (Wihtol de Wenden, 2010), il importe de mieux comprendre les processus d'adaptation des uns et des autres pour ainsi favoriser le developpement de relations humaines et interculturelles harmonieuses.
21) There, Judge Leo Wenden found, quite unexpectedly, that the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (22) is, and had always been, required under the Constitution to enact, print, and publish its statutes, records, and journals in English and French.
In 1994, Russell Targ, Jane Katra, Dean Brown and Wenden Wiegand conducted an associative remote viewing experiment in which objects were once again associated to the two possible outcomes, "up" or "down," of the weekly May silver futures contract for a 9-week series.