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Noun1.German mark - formerly the basic unit of money in GermanyGerman mark - formerly the basic unit of money in Germany
German monetary unit - monetary unit in Germany
pfennig - 100 pfennigs formerly equaled 1 Deutsche Mark in Germany
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To the dismay of leading economists, Kohl allowed 17 million East Germans in summer 1990 to adopt the mighty west German mark at a rate of 1 to 1.
After all, the West German Mark compensated our East German brothers and sisters when it was exchanged for the easy socialist money at the ratio of 1:1.
19), such as exchanging the East German mark one to one for the West German mark (which implied an appreciation of the East German mark by some 400 percent), thus triggering unrealistic expectations that fed into excessive wage demands.
0] = Average percent changes in Japanese Yen and West German Mark foreign exchange rates NEM = U.

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