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Noun1.Westernisation - assimilation of Western culture; the social process of becoming familiar with or converting to the customs and practices of Western civilization
assimilation, absorption - the social process of absorbing one cultural group into harmony with another
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While the majority cries over the westernisation of our society, the culture and language of the minorities are more vulnerable and are being replaced by the culture of the majority.
Summary: Legendary Indian actress rues growing Westernisation of Bollywood movies
However, the increasing westernisation of eating habits of Pakistani consumers supported the growth of breakfast cereals increasingly over the review period.
The westernisation of Kazakhstani culture has also created a noticeable move towards coffee drinking.
Bird has an irrepressible Victorian arrogance; one feels her sizing Japan up for westernisation.
We believe that modernisation without westernisation is possible.
However, people within the community opined that 'Ali Ai Ligang' is slowly disappearing from their society due to impact of westernisation.
Saudi Arabia: The Effects of Westernisation on Dietary Habits in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia In 2006 a study carried out by The Saudi German Hospitals Group amongst adolescents in Jeddah discovered that almost half of those studied were overweight.
In Good Muslim, Bad Muslim, Prof Mamdani cites Sayyib Qutb, the great Egyptian scholar, writer and thinker who was executed in 1966, allegedly on the instructions of President Abdel Nasser, as having "made a distinction between modernity and Westernisation, and calling for an embrace of modernity but a rejection of Westernisation".
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Lord Longford; 2 The Falklands War; 3 Rapid growth in industrialisation, Westernisation, and foreign affairs; 4 Pearl; 5 Monsieur Hulot; 6 An edible shellfish; 7 Ten; 8 Portmeirion; 9 It is covered in lots of short points; 10 Horse-racing.
The author identifies six strands in Turkish history and identity: the ancient native Turkish tradition; Persia; Byzantium; Islam; Islam as it has developed in Turkey; and Westernisation which began before Ataturk but accelerated under the Republic.
This change reflects the modernising trends due to Westernisation in Qatar.