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Thus the Augsburg Confession summarized the Lutheran understanding of the faith, the Westminster Confession of the Presbyterians, and the Savoy Declaration of the Congregationalists.
Meanwhile, the Westminster Confession became the model for all subsequent writing that referenced Biblical passages as proof-texts: each claim in a document followed by reference to chapter and verse of the Biblical passages that support it.
One might not expect this particular result since these communities all hold to the Westminster Confession.
If you read the Westminster Confession, you can see what the Scottish Calvinistic Reformers thought.
Conn makes human culture the supreme judge of I Timothy 2:12-13 and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 rather than Scripture, which is contrary to the Westminster Confession of Faith, Chapter I (Sections VI, IX, X).
The West has seen some widely accepted confessions of faith, such as the Augsburg Confession, the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, the Westminster Confession of Faith and so on.
Relying upon both a detailed analysis of America's history from the colonial era to the present, as well as theological arguments drawn from sources as varied as the Westminster Confession of Faith to the Sermon on the Mount, Hart concludes that the notion that America's political system has Christianity to thank for both its birth and its continued success is nothing more than a fallacy attributable to "Protestant chauvinism.
So, in terms of their doctrinal standards, the Korean Presbyterian churches have been content with the Westminster Confession and Shorter Catechism.
At the same time, American Protestants came under the influence of English confessional statements, such as the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Savoy Declaration, and the London Baptist Confession.
Even today the Westminster Confession, the Kirk's largely-forgotten subordinate standard of faith which has never been re-written, still describes the Pope as 'that anti-Christ, man of sin, son of perdition'.
If you were a Presbyterian, you would look things up in the Westminster Confession and you knew what you were supposed to believe," says Marty.
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