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Noun1.rainy season - one of the two seasons in tropical climatesrainy season - one of the two seasons in tropical climates
time of year, season - one of the natural periods into which the year is divided by the equinoxes and solstices or atmospheric conditions; "the regular sequence of the seasons"
monsoon - rainy season in southern Asia when the southwestern monsoon blows, bringing heavy rains
dry season - one of the two seasons in tropical climates
období dešťů
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As for my lodging, I kept to the tent; except that sometimes, in the wet season of the year, it rained so hard that I could not keep myself dry, which caused me afterwards to cover all my place within my pale with long poles, in the form of rafters, leaning against the rock, and load them with flags and large leaves of trees, like a thatch.
The rain was still falling steadily, for it was just the beginning of the wet season.
It would rise to the surface, here and there, in the wet seasons, but in the droughts of summer it was to be traced only by the bogs and moss that announced the proximity of water.
She had been again as bad, and had been for some days better, and was travelling along by a part of the road where it touched the river, and in wet seasons was so often overflowed by it that there were tall white posts set up to mark the way.
On the other hand, Poyser, you might let Thurle have the Lower and Upper Ridges, which really, with our wet seasons, would be a good riddance for you.
Until now, this crossing has been impassable for up to three months during the wet season each year.
Traps with baits have reduced attractiveness during the wet season (Santos-Filho et al.
With roughly 400 mm monthly precipitation in the wet season and the average annual temperature of 28-29C, Soc Trang is a typical region representing the natural environment in the Mekong Delta (Soc Trang Statistical Office, 2012).
albopictus found in each type of containers in wet season are lower or higher than that in the other dry season by comparing the mean ranks of each distribution of Aedes larvae.
The average monthly latent heat flux values revealed that LE was higher in the wet season and lower in the dry season, and the highest monthly Rn average was recorded in December 2012 (135 W [m.
The reservoirs and rivers that provide water to millions in this city have received less rainfall than hoped during the first weeks of the wet season, raising fears that they won't be replenished as hoped.
However, water samples could not be collected from 34 households in the dry season and 53 households in the wet season because the households did either have no water at the time of the visit or access to the homesteads was not possible.