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A mathematical object associated with group representations, often used in theoretical physics to model certain topological properties of space. Spinors resemble vectors but change sign (that is, they are multiplied by -1) when rotated 360 degrees.

[spin + -or (on the model of tensor vector).]


(General Physics) physics a type of mathematical object
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TEHRAN (FNA)- An international team of researchers has predicted the existence of a new type of particle called the type-II Weyl fermion in metallic materials.
The new particle is a cousin of the Weyl fermion, one of the particles in standard quantum field theory.
The standard type-I Weyl fermion has only two possible states in which it can reside at zero energy, similar to the states of an electron which can be either spin-up or spin-down.
The newly discovered particle, known as a Weyl fermion, resembles a massless electron that darts around and through the material in unusual and exciting ways, physicists report online July 16 in Science.
The behavior of Weyl fermions makes tantalum arsenide a metal-like compound that shares desirable features with graphene and topological insulators, materials that have attracted a torrent of research attention over the last decade or so.
Physicists will be able to study the properties of the material-bound particles to explore the possibility that free-floating varieties of Weyl fermions exist.