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v. t.1.To lash with stripes; to wale; to thrash; to drub.
[imp. & p. p. Whaled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Whaling.]
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The Ha 'kasa Pa'a (Pine Springs) and Yi Kwat (Peach Springs) bands, for instance, spent most of the year there, but the Ha Kiacha Pa'a (Mahone Mountain), Tekiauvla Pa'a (Big Sandy), and Amat Whala Pa'a (Hualapai Mountain) bands lived nearly fifty miles to the south.
Some bands merged with others, and at least one shattered due to the pressures of colonization, but bands such as the Tekiaulva Pa'a, Amat Whala Pa'a, Ha Kiacha Pa'a, Ha Emete Pa'a, and Havasu Baja bands remained close to their traditional rancherias and villages, despite the legalistic transformation of their homelands into private property or public domain.
The play also features Eliot Winder, Mark Steinfeld, Marty Gelfman, Jacqueline Skorich, Laura King, Melanie Whala, Erik Torppe, Linda Ahmed, Jason Wells, Kim Mcgarit, Mike Davies, Derik Meilleur, Tim Krupa, Adam Glazier, Sara Terwall, Nick Nordella, Anna Wilson, Marla Khayat, William Davies, Joe Peach, Drew Wilson, Robin Dixon, Joshua Wells and Alex and Kamrin Mcgarit.
They had summonsed to my arrival the Yavipais Tejua [Western Yavapai], Jaguallapai [Ha' Whala Pa'a band Pail, Chemebets [Chemehuevi], and Jalchedunes [Hal Chedom], in order that in my presence all might speak at great length and celebrate peace firmly.
The Mojave conference organizers necessarily guaranteed the safety of Hal Chedom and Ha' Whala Pa'a delegates within Mojave territory, inasmuch as both were hereditary enemies of the Jamajab-Quechan allies in the amity-enmity system along and adjacent to the Lower Colorado River.
The lesser chief "Levi Levi led the Ha'a whala paya .
Matuck used Ha Whala Pa'a in its original meaning, the Pine Tree Mountain Band, or Middle Mountain People.