Whale fishery

the fishing for, or occupation of taking, whales.
- Simmonds.

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An anchor of the 13-block national historic site, not far from the city's active scalloping fleet, the museum--which is operated by the Old Dartmouth Historical Society--chronicles the history of the New England whale fishery.
Although it is hard to imagine a live performance of the seventy-one stanzas of the ballad 'A Voyage on New Holland' (a whaling ground in the eastern Indian Ocean), the details in the song give life to the whale fishery of 1857-60 on board the bark Kathleen.
Scoresby (1820) noted that the abnormally extensive retreat of sea ice in 1817 had a significant impact on the success of the North Atlantic whale fishery.
Feegeeans, Tongatabooans, Erromanggoans, Pannangians, and Brighggians" and "still more curious, certainly more comical," the "scores of green Vermonters and New Hampshire men, all athirst for gain and glory in the fishery"--and at the same time describes it as a place created solely by the whale fishery (M, p.
The Land of a Thousand Whales recounts the story of the Spanish whale fishery of 1580 from the perspective of 12-year-old Sebastian.
Our nation's whale fishery has hurt the world's whales badly.
Curiously, King's role in the foundation of Hobart Town receives far less space in Mr Bolt's historical prologue than that of James Matra, whose proposal to settle New South Wales 'struck a cord' [sic] in 1783; the significance of the southern whale fishery goes unremarked.
In 1535, Basque fishermen initiated a whale fishery in the Strait of Belle Isle, between what we now call Newfoundland and Labrador," said WHOI biologist Michael Moore.
In this paper we make use of a unique body of historical data from whaleships in the B-C-B bowhead fishery to help understand whether subpopulations may have existed, whether these may have been extirpated by that whale fishery, and therefore whether there is some historical basis for the claim that the stock functioned as a set of separate subpopulations.
Tokyo defends the legal grounds for its scientific whale fishery, pointing out that it is authorised to kill several hundred whales per year under the terms of the moratorium signed in 1986.
Archeological evidence of the 16th century Basque right whale fishery in Labrador.
The whalemen, vessels and boats, apparatus, and methods of the whale fishery.