What time

- Shak.

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If then the legislator ought to take care that the bodies of the children are as perfect as possible, his first attention ought to be given to matrimony; at what time and in what situation it is proper that the citizens should engage in the nuptial contract.
So that the lofty pile of sedimentary rocks in Britain, gives but an inadequate idea of the time which has elapsed during their accumulation; yet what time this must have consumed
in Detroit, Michigan, what time is that in Los Angeles, California?
In 1972, Katharine Graham did the opposite of what Time editor in chief Norman Pearlstine did in 2005," Bernstein writes.
Having a strong record of when an enterprise's time was synchronized and with what time source contributes to the integrity of a digital audit trail within an enterprise.
What time zone on the map does not cover any one of the 50 states?
If you are setting up an international conference call that crosses time zones and datelines, doing business with people on three different continents or on the road and trying to remember what time zone you're in, having SymmTime can help you in these and other situations where knowing accurate time is beneficial.
I don't want to romanticize what Times Square was before the city and state took over, but I am troubled because Times Square was always a place for everyday New Yorkers.