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informal a girl or woman whose name is unknown, temporarily forgotten, or deliberately overlooked


[ˈwɒtsəneɪm] PRONfulana f, cómo-se-llame f
I ran into what's-her-name from the hairdresser'sme encontré con fulana, la de la peluquería
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Having previously appeared in West End productions of Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat, she received a casting call for a more controversial role - as Whatsername in the hit Green Day musical American Idiot.
The 21-year-old plays Whatsername in the musical American Idiot - based on Green Day's music.
Without giving any major spoilers away, Will is forced to stay at home when his girlfriend falls pregnant; Tunny is seduced by the mass media into joining the army; and Johnny ends up being seduced by both drugs and love, in the respective forms of alter-ego St Jimmy (Lucas Rush), and the enchanting Whatsername (X-Factor finalist Amelia Lily).
The 21-year-old from Nunthorpe is currently taking the West End and the theatre world by storm, with her daring performances as Whatsername in the hit musical, American Idiot.
The 21-year-old, who shot to fame when she appeared on The X Factor in 2011, takes on the role of Whatsername - and is exactly where she wants to be.
Amelia, who sits opposite me wearing an AC/DC T-shirt and sporting a phone cover more pink and fluffy than it should be legal to possess, plays Whatsername in the guitarthrashing production directed by Racky Plews.
She will be reprising her critically-acclaimed role of Whatsername who she played in the West End.
Maybe that's a point being made, since her name is Whatsername (Alyssa DiPalma making the most out of little).
A quick trawl through the web revealed she wore something purplish when Andrew and Sarah tied the knot and went for the same colour on the day Edward and, er, whatsername got hitched.
WHY on earth did that silly moo Gillian whatsername go on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here?
a self-described "Jesus of Suburbia," flees the boredom of small-town life for the big city, where he meets a girl, Whatsername (Rebecca Naomi Jones); falls under the control of drug dealer St.