wheel of life

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wheel′ of life′

the Buddhist symbol of the cycle of birth, death, and reincarnation.
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I like to feel," he said, "that the turning wheel of life is not altogether out of earshot.
Yes - and of the Wheel of Life,' he chuckled, 'for we be craftsmen together, thou and I.
None of us clearly know to whom or to what we are indebted in this wise, until some marked stop in the whirling wheel of life brings the right perception with it.
In order to push the wheel of life forward, man and wife must make many compromises and adjustments.
It takes a strong individual to be able to recognize that the wheel of life keeps spinning and that we must continue to spin with it, letting go of what has ailed us in order to look forward to the coming tomorrow.
In a statement issued here Monday he said wheel of life jammed all over the country owing to government negligence.
One of my favorite lyrics from the Great American Songbook is found in "Lush Life" by Billy Strayhorn: "Where one relaxes on the axis of the wheel of life.
I'm a father and my son is making his way in the world, I'm also a son to my father and it's the whole wheel of life, and I think that makes it universal.
Al-Jubouri said that a complement to the efforts of liberation of Ratba district, we should put at the forefront of our priorities to flick the previous phase and return the wheel of life for all joints in the province," explaining, that the speedy re-opening of the Trebil border outlet and the return of movement in it to normal would be the greatest impact in support of the economic situation of the state and the citizen, which should be in our mind and work hard to provide all the supplies that will speed up it.
What is going on today, in respect of one delay after the other, is having a negative effect on the wheel of life and the work of institutions," he said.
One who did was Sir Edwin Lutyens (the Drum Inn at Cockington, Devon) who, in 1937, wrote that, 'The Public House represents what should be the hub of our wheel of Life, essential to our material need and second only to the Church that stands and represents our spiritual necessity.
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